International Workshop – Eliminating Restraint of Persons with Mental Illness in Indonesia: A Review of Progress

Restraining/chaining persons with mental illness (Pasung) has long been a problematic issue because it is considered as an act of human rights violation. This issue concerned Indonesia as pasung can be found in almost every province in Indonesia as an alternative to treat persons with mental disorder. Indonesian government has strictly forbid the act of [...]

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International Short Course on Advocacy Skills in Mental Health System Development: from Research to Policy

  Mental┬áhealth disorders have become a world-wide problem as a result of its contribution to the current and predicted global burden in the future. However, huge treatment gap in most countries, especially lower-middle-income countries, is still evident, reflecting the poor concern of the government in regards to the issue. Many countries world-wide take mental health [...]

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RENCANA PENANGANAN BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS DETEKSI DINI DAN MANAJEMEN PTSD Pembicara: 1. Prof. Theo K. Bouman (Ahli CBT dari University of Groningen, Belanda) 2. DR. M.J.J. (Miriam) Lommen (Asisten profesor Clinical Psychology & Experimental Psychopathology, University of Groningen Rabu, 23 Maret 2016 14.00-16.00 WIB Venue: G-100 Fakultas Psikologi UGM Kontribusi: Webinar : 25k Tatap muka: FREE [...]

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